Monday, December 27, 2010

Week One with Grandpa and Grandma Ernst

038Listening to Radio Lab, drawing, eating, making cookies, drinking tea.DSC_0034063Mom checking email DSC_0055 No school affords lots of playing timeDSC_0050Candyland on the landing 256 Learning a new game212The boys gave Grandpa a Nordiques tuque 217 Jack’s present to Grandma brought this reaction 242089a cold walk to the hockey rink 

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101093waiting for the big guys to get off the ice DSC_0128Mom, Dad, Mark, and I left the boys at the rink to go have a look at the river 264 At Christmas there always seems to be some snafu, right?  On the 25th after my shower, Mom noticed water dripping onto the table from the light fixture.  It continued to drip all day even though no one was allowed to use the upstairs bathroom (good thing I got my shower!).  Then the next day, our landlord and his son repaired (as best they could until spring comes) while most of the family took naps.  Poor Mom had to sleep right next to all the activity as their bedroom was the center of some of the repair work.  She doesn’t look too bothered.DSC_0247Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!