Thursday, December 23, 2010

It’s the 23rd…

and at our house there has been…

18 games of Candy Land with Grandpa
candy and cookie-baking
memories re-told
surprises…and lots of “don’t come in here!”
Christmas music
lingering at the table after supper
singing with Grandma at the piano
focusing on the message of Christmas…with songs and readings and prayer

and today there is…

no school
a slow morning
a fresh coating of snow to make the world clean

cutting and gluing and re-gluing
anticipation of a walk down by the river and The Nativity movie
…and… apparently, (the overuse of) ellipses

and in the words of Eugene from Adventures in Odyssey…

Seasonal -- Felicitations.
To you and, if applicable, to yours.
Seasonal Felicitations,
To every his and likewise every hers. (Reverse that if you like)
I hope that you can hear my greetings
Above the raucous revelry of carolers.
Oh, Seasonal Felicitations!
To you and, if applicable, extend as well to yours.
Seasonal Felicitations, Seasonal Felicitations!