Friday, December 17, 2010

Is this why?

Yesterday after the kids left for school, I needed to write an email to the ladies from our church about a Christmas supper we are hosting on Friday night.  I remembered that I had left the church directory out in the car the night before when I had used it to help me get the right house for my small group meeting.  I donned my boots and coat and ran out to get it, but as I was running down the steps, I realized they needed to be cleaned up a bit after the overnight dusting we had received.  So I grabbed the shovel and went to work.  When I was finished, I looked over at our neighbor’s and saw that Alain (who is older and ailing) needed his steps cleared too.  While I was doing that, I looked up into our backyards and was stunned by the beauty of the early morning light streaming through the snow-covered trees.  I finished up and ran inside to get my camera.  I snapped a few pictures and then made my way into the backyard to see more beauty.  When I got discouraged at the bad job I was doing at really capturing what I was experiencing, I came in.  As I was knocking the snow off my boots, I thought about the email I needed to write and the directory which I realized I never fetched from the car.  Is this why I feel like I never get anything done?

Here’s part of what distracted me yesterday morning:     032015-1010-1020-1In other news, I did manage to finish my apron project.2010-12-15Yesterday, I went to a friend’s for a wonderful lunch with a mutual friend.  I brought them each an apron.  And they actually put them on and modeled them for me and Annika wore her’s the whole lunch (which totally cracked me up).038-1