Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In which my mind wanders

+++Last night I was alone with the kids because Mark was teaching a class.  Stuff was just not happening the way I wanted it to happen.   It was clothes-folding time for them, and I was doing up the last of the supper dishes. There was quite a bit of monkeying around as evidenced by the noise and laughter, and I could tell the work was not getting done.  Then Mark’s mom called which gave them even more leeway because we all know when Mom is on the phone, she’s just not quite as aware of the antics.  So when I got off the phone I was pretty, well, bothered.  I said some things, and they said some things, and then I marched off to finish the dishes.  Sam came down a few minutes later to apologize, I guess, but his apology quickly turned into basically a plea of innocence.  I said, “If you weren’t doing anything wrong, why are you apologizing?”  And he said, “For you getting mad at us!”  Huh?  If I hadn’t have been so mad at the time, I would have found that funny.  I’m still even now wondering what kind of cockeyed answer that was!

+++Our precious friends, Katja and Johannes from Germany, brought us this very special Christmas decoration when they came to visit us last year.  The heat from the candles makes the “fan” turn and makes the darling wooden people go around and around.  The kids are totally fascinated with it.  And it makes me think of Katja whenever I see it.  I’m especially joyful for them this Christmas because they are expecting their first baby in a couple months.2010-12-14+++Our car has, for the past couple months, been making this awful racket.  Mark says it sounds like a covered wagon.  It causes heads to turn in every parking lot in Quebec.  Embarrassing!  So yesterday it just decided to stop the noise.  Just like that.  So weird.  But I’m not complaining.

+++I’ve been cleaning.  My mom and dad are coming for Christmas.  So yeah, I pretty much need to do a spring cleaning.  Last night I tackled our very messy storage (or dumping) room.  I found this picture of me and two of my very dear friends at Cedarville.  I’m thinking this was taken in ‘89 or ‘90. Wow! the hair!DSC_0281 +++On our walk to school yesterday the boys and I saw the most atrocious sight —the bloody grotesque head of a mannequin sitting on top of an electrical box.  The kids were pretty freaked out.  And I was too, if you want to know.  Joel called out to me after he was in bed last night to tell me that he was thinking of that head and was scared.  I was busy doing something so I asked Sam if he’d go pray with him.  I couldn’t hear all of what went on, but I never heard any more from Joel.  This morning when we were at the store together he asked me if we could go in the car to get Jack for lunch so he wouldn’t have to walk past the terror.  I told him that I had checked earlier and that it was gone.  Then he said, “After Sam prayed with me last night and gave me a hug, it (the image in his head of THE head) started to fade away.”  That’s pretty special, right?

+++Sometimes I get spam comments here.  They are usually advertisements and they are almost always put up on this post.  Why this particular one, I have absolutely NO idea!  So the other day, I was notified that I had an anonymous comment on “A Cross-Section of Christmas.”  This is what the comment was:  “Thanks for sharing.  I really digs this blog.”  HA HA

+++I’m a sucker for sunsets.  And with my new phone, I’m constantly trying to capture the beauty.  But just now as I was ready to download a couple of those pictures, I realized that they don’t even come close.  So I’m not even going to post ‘em.  I think I’ll stop taking sunset pictures while I’m at a red light or in a grocery store parking lot.  Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do.

+++This little post on 1000 Awesome Things is JUST exactly how I feel.  I LOVE it!

+++The other day, Sam and I were running up and down snow-covered apartment stairs to get our Ten Thousand Villages publicity in people’s mailboxes.  A bus came flying by us.  Sam had the presence of mind to move back.  I, on the other hand, was only quick enough to open my mouth in surprise.  And that big open mouth caught a big chunk of salty, dirty ice.  One of us thought it was hilarious!IMG_20101204_140122 can you spot Sam? 

+++I’m off to make some aprons for the girls in my small group.  If they turn out cute, I might post a picture. 

Happy Day to you!