Monday, December 13, 2010

I won’t forget

Luke 2:19 says that Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.  I know Mary’s “things” were of much more significance than mine, but the life that happens around here, in our family and in our community, is special and the remembering of it is precious to me. 

Here are my treasures I’m pondering from our past week.  065Since Joel has started Kindergarten, Mark walks down to the bus stop with him and Jack every morning that he’s here (sometimes he has a breakfast meeting and can’t).  This is so very important to Joel.  Just as important is that I yell out the same thing every single morning from the door as they walk down the street.  To Jack I call out, “You are my favorite redhead.”  And to Joel I holler, “You are my favorite blondy kid,” to which he always responds, “You are my favorite blondy mom!” 

And when I went to pick up Joel from school on Thursday, I saw him sitting on a bench, tears in his eyes and one of the other little boys gently stroking his hair.  His teacher informed me that now that he can speak French, he’s being enjoying his ability by being the class informant, tattling here and there.  She had finally had enough and sent him to the “tapis” (a rug where the offender must take a little time-out).  I guess there are good and bad parts to being able to finally speak a language.

DSC_0113 The special little thing that Joel and Sam have going.  It’s not always peace and harmony, but there is some serious bonding happening.106On Saturday we took out SS kids to a small home for Senior Citizens.  It was simply beautiful to see the early trepidation quickly switch to an easiness, the interaction, the care, the happiness.  We are going back, for sure.    DSC_0129118DSC_0131DSC_0124I told you they have something special going on.173A baby shower at our house on Saturday night (post-birth) and the being together as a “family”.155Not the “guest of honor”, but HE didn’t know that! DSC_0163The proud Papa…and my handsome husband looking on.157I think everyone was laughing at this…DSC_0175Our favorite redhead had a birthday yesterday.  And that smile right there and that long side dimple…can’t get enough!208His completely adorable reaction when he saw that his birthday present from us was a telescope (which we happily found for him on Kijiji--think Craigslist).  He fell to his knees and giggled.  It was a moment to remember forever.  I wish I had recorded it.192 DSC_0207And his utter delight in the beautiful letter that Mark wrote to him.  He would stop mid-sentence to look at Mark and say thank you or to tip his head back in laughter or just grin a tad.  I did record that, and it’ll long be one of my favorite things to watch.DSC_0228And the boys played Dominoes while I made Jack’s requested fajita supper…DSC_0215 DSC_0240 with Apple Dumplings for dessert while we watched the Grinch.  Happy Birthday, Jack-0.

P.S. The air around here is thick with anticipation for the arrival of two very special people on Saturday.  My parents are coming for Christmas!