Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When my kids act “bigger” than I do

The scene:  7:00 A.M.  I’m in Jack and Joel’s room trying to get them out of bed.  Jack finally gets up and heads for the bathroom.  I can’t leave the room and go make breakfast yet, because Joel is still in a coma.  So I decide to grab clothes for the boys to put on.  It’s something to do while I wait for them to get moving.  I pull a shirt off the hanger for Jack and toss it to him as he walks back in the room. 

Jack:  That one’s too big.
Me:  No, it’s not!
Jack:  Yes, it is
Me:  You just wore it a while back and it was fine.  It’s not too big.
Jack:  I didn’t wear this one, Mom. It was another one. 
Me:  You wore it with your gray pants, remember?  I know you’ve worn it recently.
Jack:  No, Mom, I never…oh, never mind.  It’s not worth arguing over.

Boom!  Just like that.  I wish it had been me (or is it “I”?) that had said that last line.  Unfortunately, I was still geared up for a couple more rounds. 

So I guess that wasn’t enough, this morning, to remind me that I still have growing up to do.  Because here we go again.

The scene:  At supper, Sam is telling us about his Science Group Project for which he just received his grade.  His group got an A, and the teacher told them that they could have gotten an A+ had they put more pictures in their Power Point.  Since it was Sam who worked on the Power Point (frustrated that it was all falling on him) he was all of a sudden the bad guy who caused the group to get and A instead of and A+. 

Sam:  And Laurence didn’t really prepare for his part at all.
Me:  And he still got and A and complained to you about your lacking PP presentation?
Sam:  Yeah, that’s how it is with Laurence.
Me:  That’s so unfair!
Sam:  I guess that’s just how life is sometimes.

Reminds me of another embarrassing incident that happened this summer!

Just for fun

I watched Yes Man alone one night this summer (when the kids and Mark were camping, I think).  With the exception of one scene which I found completely disgusting, I absolutely LOVED this movie.  I had never heard of Zooey Deschanel, but I loved her in this movie and so did a little research.  When I did, I found this Youtube video.  It’s just too much fun!

I just thought about it again because my blogging friend, Kerry, has one of Zooey Deschanel’s songs on her Christmas playlist.  I like it!  And I actually just realized that Zooey is the girl who plays in Elf

P.S.  If you’ve seen Yes Man…remember the early morning job that Allison has involving running and a camera??  SO great!  I’m going to try it someday.