Tuesday, November 16, 2010


* The second in a week-long series “Emotions”
(what I’m laughing at, crying about, pondering, questioning…)

Here’s what I’ve been joyful about lately…

+++An update from my mom about her cancer:

Yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon was my appointment for an ultrasound and routine check by my surgeon.  We were in that office for over 4 hours, mostly filling out forms (some just because we have a new address and phone number!) and waiting.  I wish you could have seen and heard the tech who did the ultrasound as she searched for that tumor!  Lots of muttering under her breath, questions about where it had been according to the previous exams (including the MRI), consternation, frowns, asking me to re-position on the table, re-tries, and finally saying she'd take it to the radiologist.  Soon the two of them were trying their best to find that tumor.  They could see "something--maybe" in my armpit, but their conclusion about the tumor was "undetectable."  When the surgeon examined me, she said that only about 20-30% of chemo patients have the kind of response I have had.  When she said, jokingly, that my oncologist is probably taking all the credit, I said, "I give God the credit."  Silence!!  Of course, I added that I was very grateful for all my doctors and all their knowledge and help.  And I am continually grateful to you for all your prayers on my behalf.

+++Watching God work in our church.  People are really loving each other.  It’s real.  And it’s beautiful!

+++My boys’ connection.  Of course they have their moments when there are misunderstandings, arguments, and general unkindness, but I love to watch them laugh with each other, greet one another in the morning or after school, walk together with hands on each other’s shoulders, and express concern for each other.  I found this video today that I had taken of them a few weeks ago.  Joel and Jack had just gotten their class pictures back and Joel, especially, was eager for Sam to come home from school so he could show it to him.  I feel this clip is a good representation of the relationship they share—some frustration and impatience and good-natured teasing, but mostly genuine appreciation for being together.

*At about 1.55 there’s a bit that’s especially funny to me now in light of what happened on Thursday (I wrote about it here).

+++Leaves and jumping in them and throwing them at people and throwing them up in the air and burying brothers in them!