Monday, November 15, 2010


* The first in a week-long series “Emotions”
(what I’m laughing at, crying about, pondering, questioning…)

Here’s some stuff I’ve been laughing at lately…

+++Saturday morning Joel says to Jack and me:  “I wish I was a different color.  I’m tired of being white.”

+++This picture my Dad sent of Hillary Clinton from her recent visit to Papua New Guinea and my brother’s idea for a caption:  image7018505

From paragraph 8 of her speech: “…’It takes a village…’ was just a metaphor.  Can you people get some actual clothes?” Afterward, she took the women to a local second-hand clothes store and led a workshop entitled “Selecting the Perfect Pants Suit”.

+++The first episode of the TV series Monk that we watched this weekend after some friends recommended it and lent us the 1st season DVDs.  Hilarious

+++This (blurry) picture of Zoro vacuuming under the  table.2010-08-27I could use another good laugh today so if you have anything to share…