Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Knocks, Boosts, and New Experiences

We just got back from a whirlwind weekend away in Michigan.  We left at 4:00 Friday morning and drove 14 hours in order to get to the opening event at 6:00 at this missions conference that we’d been invited to.  Even though it was a terribly long way to travel for just 2.5 days, we are so glad we made the trip.  It was a beautiful weekend that really filled us up.  Three tired boys just left for school, and I have plenty of laundry and other neglected responsibilities to keep me busy, but I’m sick and would like to stay wrapped up in a blanket all day.  I guess we’ll see if it’s the awaiting chores or the sickie that wins out in the end.


For now, here’s our weekend’s Knocks, Boosts, and New Experiences

Knocks:  I’d like to knock my voice that gave out on me half-way through the weekend.  I rasped and croaked and whispered my way through conversations and presentations.  I’m sure Mark was grateful for the relative silence, but it really was a bummer on the long way home as I was not able to do the one activity that helps us most enjoyably pass the time-- read. 

I’d also like to knock MontrĂ©al rush hour.  We were able to time our return trip in just such a way that we got to MontrĂ©al at this most annoying hour.  How did we do that, I’d like to know.

Boosts:  Oh, there are too many here to name.  I’ll try to just pick a couple.  I’d like to boost Mark for driving all 28+ hours this weekend.  We rented a car for our trip because our van is not reliable, and we weren’t sure it would get us there safely.  To add a second driver, cost another $15/day and Mark didn’t want to pay that.  So he did all that trip without help from me.  He was never irritable or impatient with the kids, and I really admire and appreciate that.  Thanks, Markus.

I’d like to boost the C’s who welcomed us warmly into their home for the weekend.  They are such lovely people who made us feel at home, made the kids feel loved and special, and were an inspiration to us.

I’d like to boost a very special church that gave generously to us in many ways.  We were overwhelmed and encouraged and blessed. 

New Experiences:  Mark golfed with Mr. C on Saturday afternoon.  I don’t think he’s ever played golf in November!  He had such a great time. 

The kids were spoiled with sundaes before bed a couple nights.  They thought they had died and gone to heaven.

Happy Tuesday, my friends!