Sunday, October 31, 2010

Feeling Scroog-ish on Halloween

I don’t like Halloween.  I don’t like the constant talk by my boys starting in September about what they are “going to be”.  I don’t like how often they change their minds about their costumes.  I don’t like the ugly and morbid decorations on neighbors’ front porches.  I don’t like the idea of kids ringing my doorbell, expecting me to give them something.  I don’t like the idea of MY kids knocking on doors, expecting, taking, consuming.  I don’t like all that candy in our house, calling my name, calling out to our kids at every meal and snack time.   I don’t like trying to find a way to get rid of all those bonbons!

I wish there were a Grinch-equivalent to steal Halloween.  Maybe I’m the Grinch.

This year, there were a couple things that allowed me to not count it a Total Waste. 

One…on Saturday afternoon, the kids and I dressed up (I hate dressing up too!) and participated in Reverse Trick-or-Treating—a way for us to spread publicity about the Ten Thousand Villages boutique in Qu├ębec.  We went do0r-to-door passing out a little sample of fair trade chocolate attached to a card with info about the store.  I think a lot of people wondered why we were off a day, and some maybe didn’t even answer their door when they saw our gang, but what fun it was when someone did open the door ready to explain that they had no candy to give out, when we interrupted (nicely) by saying that, no, we had something for THEM.  Now this kind of event involving dressing up, candy and knocking on doors, I can totally handle.  DSC_0175                                                        Here’s the whole gang (without me)DSC_0170DSC_0167

Two…because we were a little busier this week than normal and I didn’t think we’d have time to carve pumpkins, I didn’t get any until yesterday afternoon when I realized we would have some time in the evening to do this fun activity.  So the boys and I stopped at our favorite grocery store on the way home from Reverse Trick-or-Treating.  When you wait to get your pumpkins till the day before Halloween, you would be surprised to see that you only pay $1 for a pumpkin!  What’s not to like about

DSC_0193 DSC_0213
Joel doesn’t much like the pumpkin guts, but at least he’s not as finicky as our ever-clean Sam, who was quite proud of himself for thinking of the rubber gloves.  Brother! :)

Three…Mark is at this very moment taking a skeleton and a Venetian bird-man around to knock on doors and expect something for nothing.  Sam is hanging out with his best friend, Guillaume, tonight.  And I get to stay home.  Most of the kids around here have figured out that our neighborhood is not the place to get the best candy, so I’ve only had about 10 scary faces show up at my door.  This means that I get a little break.  And I can tell you that I’m enjoying my peace and quiet VERY much. 

So, I guess I’ll just endure this silly holiday and try to look for some redeeming value. 

Happy Halloween!