Monday, October 25, 2010

Our knocks, boosts, and new experiences

Good Monday morning to you! 

Summarizing our last week with…

I’d like to knock a little bug that kept Joel down and out of school for a couple days.  Last Monday morning after I woke him up and realized he was not feeling well, I told him to go back to bed.  That was about 7:00.  He fell back asleep and slept until 1:00!  Can you believe that?


He finally made it back to school on Wednesday, but still has a nagging cough that won’t leave him alone. 

And…I’d also like to knock the sad way kids treat one another.  Jack plays basketball at school this year.  He’s on a team with mostly 6th graders and they are meanies.  He’s a pretty sensitive child, I’ll admit that, so he could be overreacting to just normal banter out there on the court, but he tells us that the kids yell at him during practice and the games.  He is just a substitute player and only gets called to come to the games if they are short a player  (which is dumb, if you ask me).  So he was called to play on Tuesday night.  When he was in the bathroom at one point that evening, he overheard one of the 6th graders say, “Why is Jack playing?”  Those kinds of things stick with a person for a long time.  And a mom never wants to see her kid being belittled, but I’m trying to help him to use these experiences to learn to rise above.  I’m not very good at that myself, so it’s a bit of a stretch to teach it. 

Moving on…

Boosts:  I’d like to boost Skype and the fun it provides for our kids and their cousins.  We hadn’t used it for awhile (in fact, I had to re-install it this week on my computer) so it was good to look in on family for a bit.  There is not much content exchanged in these calls, but memories are made, as are lots and lots of faces!! :)2010-10-25New experiences: Friday night I tried my hand at homemade tortillas using this recipe.  Sooooo yummy!  I highly recommend this.

And here are a couple other things I recommend this week:

This John Piper message (and part 2 of the same message).
This most beautiful song by JJ Heller
And a nap on a cold, rainy Monday afternoon (I’m not going to get this today, but you should, if you can)