Sunday, October 17, 2010

This week’s Knocks, Boosts, and New Experiences

DSC_4816storm coming in over the valley-- Québec, Québec Nikon D90

A Knock:  I’d like to knock modernity, if I may,  just for a second.  Just to be clear, I’m mighty happy with advances in technology and how they have made life easier.  I’m not knocking that, but this week I discovered, much to my dismay, that my 13-year old has never been taught in school how to address an envelope.  As a family, we write plenty of thank-you notes and cards to family and friends, but Mark or I address the envelopes afterwards.  This week, Sam wrote a little note to a couple in our church who did something very kind and generous for him.  I asked him to address the letter so we could take it to the post office, and it was then that I realized this terrible fact.  He did not have a clue.  And after my rapid-fire questions led me to the understanding that this is not taught in Language Arts class anymore, I was overcome by what this means.  Is this method of connecting with people dying, or perhaps, already dead?  Will Facebook and Twitter and email and blogs completely replace old-fashioned letter-writing.  Will there one day be no postal service?  I know I sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but I think ink on paper is pretty special.

A boost:  I’d like to boost Street Level Québec and the conference they put on this weekend in Montréal.  The theme was “Who Is My Neighbor”.   I was able to go with a couple friends and was encouraged and broken and inspired.  I thank God for the way Christians in Québec are loving the poor and the fighting for justice in Jesus’ name. 

A New Experience:  Mark had a new experience this week when he went to a basketball referee training class.  It was a three-night class (he missed one night because of a previous commitment).  Now he can just take a test and then be available to ref at various schools.  We are excited for him.

Happy Monday!DSC_4829 Leaves-- Québec, Québec Nikon D90