Monday, October 11, 2010

Knocks, Boosts, and New Experiences

When I was in 5th grade at Numonohi, Miss McNally introduced us to this little sharing thing that we did every Monday morning.  It was a fun way to tell about our weekends. 

Here’s how it went
Knocks:  here we told about something that didn’t go well, a bad experience, an accident, a mistake.  It was very important to know that one was never to knock a person.
example:  I’d like to knock the long thick fuzzy pink socks that my mom made me wear. 

Boosts:  here we told about some good thing we were thankful for, something that went well that we were happy about.
example:  I’d like to boost my  best friend in the States for writing me a letter.

New experience:  this needs no explanation, right? But I’ll give an example.
example:  I had a new experience on Saturday when I watched our dog give birth to 9 puppies.

I thought it would be fun to bring back Knocks, Boosts, and New Experiences so on this Monday I give you…

A knock:  I’d like to knock the terribly disgusting thing I found lurking in a fruit bowl high up above the cupboards in the kitchen on Saturday morning.  Words cannot describe the grossness, but maybe a picture will help.  If you are squeamish, look away. 

I think somehow these bananas are a little too far advanced for banana bread.  I just share this picture and all it implies in an attempt to be “unChristmas-letterish” and because it’s kind of funny in a weird sort of way.  Could this have been why I just felt like our house had an odd smell every time I came in from outside? 

A boost: I’d like to boost the motley group of kids that spent the afternoon at our house on Sunday.  We’ve had our friends’ foster kids with us this weekend as they had to drive to Pennsylvania for a grandfather’s funeral.  I invited three girls from another family to come over after church.  Their mother declined my offer saying they were planning a family activity.  So I went with Plan B and asked another set of sisters.  They could.  So as soon as they got there, I realized I was missing one thing for a craft I wanted to do with the girls.  We (the 3 girls and I) took off to get it.  When we got back, surprise, surprise….two of the three girls I had first invited were here.  Things hadn’t quite worked out like they planned for their activity, and they convinced mom to bring them over.  So we had a houseful of wild craziness, and I loved it!  We did take the craziness outside for a bit.DSC_5032DSC_5047 Seven (2 had left before supper) kids making and eating their own tacos is insane!!!  And some people do that EVERY day!  I can’t imagine!

New Experience:  I had a new and delightful experience on Saturday when I followed Emily’s directions for making applesauce.  Oh my goodness…so easy…so fast…and hardly anything to throw away.  028 036This is not the most appealing picture, but I wanted to show just how little was my pile of “left-overs” from 2 liters of delicious applesauce. 

And just a little bonus on this Canadian Thanksgiving morning…il_430xN.143824814 I think I should get this sign made in French.