Monday, October 4, 2010

the superlatives of my week

best email:
oh man, I was planning to tell about a great email I got here, and then I thought about it some more and realized I don’t have a best.  I got some wonderful messages this week.  One from friends who are planning to come to Quebec next week and asking if we can spend some time with them.  One from my second mom telling us that we are being thought about.  One from my best friend from elementary and high school.  One very funny 1-sentence email from my brother, Dan.  I can’t pick.

worst run:
It was just barely sprinkling when I went out to run early Tuesday morning.  I knew we were in for some big rain that day, so I figured waiting wouldn’t be profitable.  So I started out.  About a mile away from home, those big rains came.  I was mostly concerned about my mp3 player, so I wrapped it up in my sweatshirt, wadded it into a ball, and ran another 2+ miles with it tucked under my arm.  I looked like a drowned rat when I arrived home (but my mp3 is doing great).

best surprise:
A package came for me on Wednesday.  It was a book and a letter from a woman I met this summer.  We had only talked for about 5 minutes after I shared at a ladies meeting up in Goshen, IN.  The words in her letter touched me, and the book is just perfect.  I sure love surprises, especially in the mail.

best answer: 
Jack asked me a question about life which I now can’t remember.  I must have said, “I don’t know” or “That’s a good question”.  Joel piped up and said, “Maybe when you get to heaven, if you don’t forget your question this day, you can ask why.”

most painful workout:
In the middle of some
push-up/jackknife combinations, I felt an ab muscle go.  I collapsed in a heap on the floor and rolled over and smacked my head with a bang onto a 20-lb weight that was sitting there.  I was pretty glad I was working out in our basement and not a gym, if you know what I mean.  Neither my stomach nor my head has quite recovered.

my two most favorite videos: 
I taught a lesson on Sunday about creativity—that God is creative and He made us also with the capability to be creative which we should use for His glory.  I had already seen these and had tucked them away to re-watch (is it a word?) and to share when the occasion arises.  So I felt them appropriate for two different spots in my lesson and showed them to the kids.  In my preparations for teaching, I must have watched them half a dozen times, and I loved them no less than I did the first time I watched. 
This one just shows an amazing amount of creativity and ingenuity.  It’s so fun too.  And this one gives me chills and lumps in my throat. 

lamest blog post:
Right here.

coolest initiative: 
Some people got together to save a yet-to-be-made movie.  You can read all about it here at
Don Miller’s blog or watch a video about it and donate to history in the making.  And then if you read Blue Like Jazz and appreciated it, I think you should pass on the word.