Sunday, October 3, 2010


A couple of hours alone with my camera, and a most beautiful day in LĂ©vis (the city just across the river from Quebec City)…198239 247 258 263  278 293 201 219-1 230 287 295306 319 325 333 339 343350 351 359366 377 385

After a week of rainy days…

2009-05-091 we found the perfect way to spend a Saturday. 

14 friends*
apples galore
the best orchard
fresh crisp fall air
the colors of fall

A day to remember!

2009-05-092 A glorious day.

* we missed Jack, who had his very first basketball game (tournament), and Mark, who was his cheerleader, unofficial coach, and taxi driver.   They won all three games.  Jack was just as happy with his day as we were with ours.  And we never would have missed his big day had we found about the tournament more than one day in advance and had not organized the apple-picking adventure many days before that.