Friday, October 1, 2010

A strange Friday night

Sam had basketball practice directly after school until 6:00 and then a youth group activity at 7:00.  Mark had an English class to teach from 3:00-5:00.  So he went from his class to Tim Hortons for a coffee until he needed to pick up Sam.  Then he and Sam ran to grab a quick supper.  From there they picked up Sam’s friend, Alex, and went on to the youth group activity.
While all that was happening, the little boys and I seemed to rattle around in our house.  I worked on some stuff for church, the kids took their turns on the computer, watched some PBS, and then we all worked on sorting “treasures”.  This is always a bit of a difficult job for me.  Jack did let me throw out a lot of school papers, and we made piles of the “more special” ones.  If you had been here you would have heard things like this…
“How did this get in the throw-away pile?”
“Why is that special to you?” 
“Are you sure?” 
“Oh, I remember that.” 
“This is Joel’s birthday card.” 
“I think it might be yours.” 
“No, it’s not.” 
“Oh….you’re right, Mom, it’s mine.”   
072(We made some good head-way.  We threw out  a 6-inch stack of worksheets and coloring pages and Colts’ articles.  I guess we have one more session ahead of us to finish up.) 070
While the boys continued to work, I made supper.  And we laughed about our “un-fun” Friday night supper.  Who eats baked salmon, steamed peas, and whole wheat pasta on a Friday night??  I guess we do, especially when my hamburger-and-fries-loving husband is not home.  077 And we had this most glorious sunset to revel in.
054058 And then Mark came home after dropping the kids at youth group, noticed the remains of our supper and was thankful to have missed it.  

The boys played basketball in our bedroom (and it felt like the house would fall down) while I made some relatively healthy peanut butter cookies.  In the process, I spilled the honey all over the counter beside the stove, so there is most likely a sticky little mess hiding in the dark places just waiting there for me.  I decided that pulling out the stove would not be one of my activities on this night.

To finish out the evening, the kids and I got lost in Narnia with Reepicheep and Trufflehunter and Doctor Cornileus.  With delight, I’m reading  the Chronicles of Narnia out loud for the third time since becoming a mom.  I love sharing these wonderful stories with my boys.  And I believe they love it too.

Mark went to pick up Ali and Sam, dropped Ali off and then came home.  Sam shared bits of  his VERY long day with us, and then dragged his tired self up to bed.

Tomorrow is a big day with a basketball tournament for Jack all day and a picnic and apple-picking with friends and preparations for Sunday, so it’s bedtime for me too.  Good night, weird Friday!

Self-defense and revenge

Last night after my brother insulted my honesty, I went back to check on another time I had to defend my credibility.  Either I must have lied to him a lot when we were little, or he just likes to annoy me and knows how best to do it.

If it’s the latter, I guess I’m going to fall into his trap by once again insisting that my milk spill was indeed serendipitous.  And here’s the definition of that word for you, Dan, since I know how much you like it when quote the dictionary.   029-1032

And because I can’t pass up an opportunity to pay back, I just wanted to mention here that my brother is LAME.  Literally.  He recently dislocated his shoulder and  tore the rotator cuff  completely off the bone.  And as we discovered last night, lame can be used to describe any impairment through injury.  Take special note of #2 and the example given.

1.  crippled or physically disabled, esp. in the foot or leg so as to limp or walk with difficulty.
2.  impaired or disabled through defect or injury: a lame arm.
3.  weak; inadequate; unsatisfactory; clumsy: a lame excuse.
4.  Slang . out of touch with modern fads or trends; unsophisticated.

So while I might be lame (#4) for getting rid of FB, he’s lame too (or is that two?) Oh, I’m cracking myself up.