Monday, September 27, 2010

just blabbin’ on a Monday morn

+++It might seem a little fishy, but this is how my milk sloshed out of the pitcher yesterday when I was preparing my coffee.


+++Last Sunday I got a spam virus that took over my account and started emailing all my contacts with what I believe was advertisements for Viagra.  I think messages were sent out 3 or more times over the week.  It was a pain.  I’m sorry if you got one of those annoying emails.  I hope you didn’t open it.

I ended up opening up a new account.  I sent out an email to all my friends saying that I was sorry about the mess and that I would have a new address (please take note of the new one over in my sidebar).  Here was my favorite response

Don’t worry Jill, virus are so frequent through the internet that everybody should have faced it once in his computer life !

Your case is of course not unique and you are forgiven for this (small) trouble.

Hope everything is going well at Billington’s.

All my best.


+++This picture really needs no caption.  Or maybe it does.  Anyway, it sure talks to me and makes me laugh.025 I also notice that Joel is wearing this same purple shirt in about 75% of the last month’s blog posts. 

+++And this one is for you, Mom.  He adores that hat (almost as much as he does the purple shirt)!013 Happy Monday to you!