Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hooray for the everyday—September 2

Our day in pictures.  Collages

Top Row: 

1.  Bread Day after-school snack:  cinnamon sugar on whole wheat bread straight from the oven

2.  Sam, who was supposed to be locking up the bikes and cleaning up the backyard, scaring  a fresh-     from-the-bathtub Joel

3.  Joel resting after a full morning at school

Second Row:

1.  Cut veggies ready for a stir-fry supper

2.   Mask-clad Joel loving on Jack

3.  Joel’s first ever ride on the school bus

Third Row:

1.  A ring of dirt on Joel’s neck after a hot, activity-filled day

2.  Joel and Sam listening to Mom read The Thief before bed

3.  Golf with Dad before supper

Fourth Row:

1.  Pirate Joel and friend, Alec, who I watched for a couple hours today while his mom had an appointment

2.  Joel lost his first tooth

3.  A round of chess after school

Fifth Row:

1.  A tired out monster

2.  Neighborhood kids playing together (boys with swords chasing the girls)

3.  Jack listening to Adventures in Odyssey on my computer

My observations

a day of firsts-- first school-bus ride and first lost tooth

the 3-year old Scream mask was a favorite thing to play with today

this was a fun way to document our day.  I’ll probably make it a regular practice

Sam is definitely here at home less than his brothers (pictures as evidence)—a reminder that as each day passes, the boys spend more time away from Mom and Dad and to make every moment count

I’m thankful for the little parts of our day that make it ours