Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boys camping trip 2010 (written by Sam Jack and Joel)

Monday August 25 we left the house around 2:30 to go to Tadoussac for our camping trip with Dad. We  where going to leave earlier but Dad and Sam had to go by Sam's school to pick up his schedule and his books. We got to our camping site at around 5:00 and we got our tent and other stuff set up. We were really hungry so we wasted no time in getting our supper cooked. We had hamburgers cooked on the pancake grill.DSC_0093 After eating our meager rations (just kidding we had a lot of food) we walked around the campgrounds for a little while and when we got back we started our fire. We really had fun playing with it while Dad read Artemis Fowl The Eternity Code to us. Dad attempted to tell a scary story but we had to make a deal with Joel that as soon as he got scared we’d stop.  Dad started his story with, “Once a long time ago…”, and Joel said, “Dad, I’m scared!” so that was the end of our story. 

Dad and Sam stayed up reading beside the fire for a while while Jack and Joel went in the tent to bed. 

The next morning we got up and had breakfast (muffins, grapes, and juice).  After getting dressed and cleaning up after breakfast we headed off to the sand dunes by the St. Lawrence.DSC_0075DSC_0062It was very hard to climb up as you can see from the first picture, but we got a very nice reward when we got to the top.  It was a really pretty view. 

We stayed up there for about 2o minutes to catch our breath and then headed down to see if we could get closer to the water.

DSC_0072DSC_0152 DSC_0078DSC_0083After lunch we went to a whale museum.  It was awesome.  And there was this real live whale skeleton.  It was gi-huge-ic, and it was just a baby whale.  We walked down by the rocks after our visit to the museum.

DSC_0134 DSC_0150For supper we had hotdogs and then Dad read to us.  We made a fire and had s’mores.  Jack was getting baptized the next day back in Quebec, we worked together to help him write his salvation story so he could share it at the celebration service.  Then we went to bed.

We were awakened by our loud camping neighbors early the next morning.  After breakfast and packing up we went to a park and walked on some trails that led us back to the beach where we were the day before.  After walking down by the beach for a while we decided to walk up the sand dune again.  Unfortunately, Jack was sick during that time with stomach cramps. 

We headed home after that with a stop at McDonald’s for lunch. 

We enjoyed ourselves a lot and were sad to have to come home.  But we were glad to see our beautiful  mother.  DSC_0160

How to use up stale baguette

In order for a recipe to make it into my Eating To Live blog, it must:

  • Use healthy ingredients
  • Be relatively easy to prepare
  • Be delicious

The following recipe only makes 2 out of 3 of the criteria, so it won’t be going over there.  Just be good all week and then make this on Sunday morning for a treat.  3rd week august

Hazelnut French Toast


day-old baguette

hazelnut coffee creamer




1. slice up a stale, day-old baguette

2.  beat together the egg and the hazelnut coffee creamer to make a mixture for your French toast

3.  heat a couple tablespoons of butter in a hot skillet

4.  soak your slices of baguette in the mixture for a minute or two and then fry in the hot, buttery skillet

5. serve with blueberries to assuage guilty conscience from serving unhealthy fare

6.  and then go run a couple miles