Tuesday, August 24, 2010

News on my mom

Here’s a recent note that my mom sent out to all her friends

Greetings everyone!  I had planned to write a full report tonight, but here it is after 10 already, so I'll just send a very brief note and then work tomorrow on the details for those of you who want them.

I will start chemo on Monday.  There are 6 treatments--one every 3 weeks.  There is another part that takes a year, but I'll have to look that up before I can explain it.  The oncologist said the prognosis is good for curing my cancer.  I'm a good candidate for a lumpectomy after chemo.  We should be able to go to NE after my 2nd treatment, and to Quebec for Christmas, before surgery. 

We have seen God's hand so much today and He has doubled my peace.  Is that possible?

How I thank you all for your prayers.  I feel so loved.

Jude 2


Hallelujah, right??