Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Show and Tell

+++I’ve never made a photo book before.  I’ve sure wanted to, though.  And now I see that Picaboo is offering a free 20-page book (you only pay shipping and handling) for first-timers.  It’s good until the end of August, so if you want to try it out, you better do it quick.  I’m excited about the one I’m making, but I can’t share yet, because it’s a surprise!

Click here to get started.

+++One day this summer we were eating lunch at Aracely’s (my s-i-l).  She brought out this delicious seasoning (chili peppers and lime) and told us to try it on our peas and corn.  Said it always makes her think of Mexico.  It was so good, and I raved so about it, that she bought me my own bottle.  The other night we tried it on locally grown and completely delicious corn on the cob.  Oh man!!010+++ We’ve also been laughing about this:013  +++Mark’s guitar is coming along nicely.  Look at that shine!023 +++ My herb garden went crazy wild while we were gone.  I invited my neighbors to use what they wanted, but apparently no one was in a cooking mood!DSC_3337 Earlier this summer:image

Happy Wednesday!