Sunday, August 8, 2010

A little of this and a little of that

+++My parents and I have conversations sometimes about what they find on the roads when they go for a run in the mornings.  They find coins, toys, and just the other day my dad told me about a time he found a bag of decorative gift bows.  I never have any stories to contribute to the subject.  Today, though, I found a penny when I was out.  I stopped and picked it up and slipped it in my shoe because I wanted to say that I found some money on my morning run.  And then not 10 minutes later I found a quarter.  Wow, what a profitable work-out I had!

+++I think these two songs would be great songs at a funeral.

Make sure you wait until the 50 sec. mark before you stop listening.

Weird video, but awesome words, music, and message!

+++And speaking of the end, I’ve decided to conclude my relationship with Facebook.  It sure was a lot of fun, but now I’m going to try to keep up with my friends the old-fashioned way—letters and email. 

I just now deleted my account.  Wow! that was a lot harder than I thought it would be!  All those memories, gone with a click.  I really hovered over the “okay” button for a while, rethinking my decision.  Too bad I wasn’t able to keep all those “conversations”!  Well, anyway, it’s done.

+++The other day the boys and Mark dropped me off at the mall so I could get my hair cut.  I wasn’t able to get an appointment until later in the day, so I had some time to kill.  I decided to cross the street and go to Half Price Bookstore.  In this case, “across the street” means across a 6-lane highway (3 lanes going each way).  Once at the store, I realized that I had picked a good day to visit.  All the Clearance books were 50% off.  So I started browsing the Clearance sections.  As time went on, my pile got bigger and bigger.  I called Mark to ask him about a book.  He answered my question and then suggested that I ask the management if I could just leave my growing stack there in the store and come back for it after my hair appointment so as not to lug 45 pounds of books around the mall.  No, the guy told me.  “It’s too crazy in here today,” he said.  “Your books could get misplaced in the chaos.”  So, I bought a reusable bag and all 14 volumes where stuffed in.  I left the store and started back across the highway.  I crossed the first 3 lanes and made it to the median to wait for the traffic light about two blocks away to turn red.  When it did, I started to make my way to the mall parking lot, when I saw a car come a little faster than I had anticipated.  So I just stepped up my pace a little and sort of jogged a tad.  When I did that my bag hit my side and split wide open causing all my precious books to spill out into the road.  Splat! there they all were right in the middle of Highway 31.  The guy in the car stopped and helped this red-faced girl to pick up the books, and another guy appeared from nowhere to hand me my broken and useless bag that had blown away in the wind.  I just sat in the grass for a couple minutes trying to regain my dignity and decide what to do next.  I finally stacked up the books and carried them across the mall parking lot to Barnes and Noble where I bought another reusable bag and another book (??), and then lumbered off to the hair salon.  Well, it’s something to add to my “embarrassing moments” list. 

+++We are heading back home to Quebec on Thursday morning.  It’s been a great summer!