Monday, August 2, 2010

My funny kid

Joel has had some great lines lately.  I do not want to forget, so they get their own post.DSC_3219 +++My mom was horsing around with him one night this summer.  She blew on the back of his knees.  He said that she had gotten him in his “leg pits”!

+++One afternoon we were just hanging out together on the bed.  I said, “Joel, you are going to Kindergarten soon!  Are you excited!?”  He said that “No, I’m not going.  I changed my mind!”

+++He announced to the family during one of our car rides, “Did you know that if you close your eyes real tight, you can get information about colors?”DSC_2773

+++The other night the boys and I spent the night with my mom and dad.  Late in the evening we played Zilch, a dice game.  Joel was getting tired, and therefore, a tad silly.  He was bouncing around on the floor waiting for his turn when he fell face forward onto the carpet.  He sat up really quickly, grabbed onto his upper lip, and said with a bewildered voice, “It feels like music!”  All I can figure is that he had a tingling sensation from hitting the floor like that, and that was the way he described it.

+++And then just tonight, I was spending some time with Jack and Joel after their showers.  We were cuddled up on the bed, chatting, when Joel pushed my arms away and said, “Can you just stop loving me so much?”