Monday, July 12, 2010

Recapping Week 1 in Indy

me and kids We’ve sure packed in a lot of good things in one week. 

There was a trip to Portage, Indiana, to visit one of our supporting churches.  What a great time that was!!

There was a great day with Mark’s family eating, chatting, laughing, playing ball, singing.

There was a very inspiring dinner with friends that used to live up in Quebec City.  We love you, Rich and Gina (and “Aunt” Ruth)!

There were a lot of lunch dates…for Mark!  The lucky duck!

There were lots of pleasant moments with R and K, the people we are living with.  What a fun place to be!!

There was a great evening spent with my big brother and his wife watching part of America’s Got Talent, drinking coffee, and just generally catching up.

There was a lovely, much-needed late-night rendez-vous at Starbucks with my two “sisters” and “our” mom!! 

There was a pizza supper with 4 of our favorite people!  And water balloons for the boys!

There was a completely delicious supper with Mark’s Dad, Peggy, Todd, Audra, and Kate. 

And here are some random pictures of the past week.   bryce joeljack and jeffbrianjoel and grandma mark and Jerry marknola2

the billingtons’ 2010 road trip mix

Little GTO—Ronnie and the Daytonas

Kryptonite—Three Doors Down

Born to Be Wild--Steppenwolf

Marvelous Day—Steve Songs

On the Road Again—Willie Nelson

It is Well--Kutless

Route 66—Nat King Cole

Love Song--Anberlin

Rockin’ Down the Highway

Ramblin’ Man—Allman Brothers

Wheels—Foo Fighters

Hit the Road, Jack—Percy Mayfield

Youth of a Nation—P.O.D

King of the Road—Roger Miller

I Can’t Explain—the Who

Baby You Gotta Change Your Mind—Joe Bonamassa

Trains—Porcupine Tree