Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 5 (and where was my camera?)

When we drove into Cleveland the night before, I saw that Bodies…The Exhibition was in town.  Ever since Mark learned of this exhibit, he’s been dying to get there.  Wait, that didn’t quite come out right!!  I really wanted him to go (as in…visit), and there was still money left in our trip budget so he went there (it was just a hop, skip, and jump from the hotel) while the boys and I went to the pool.  exposicion-bodie-2.jpg

By the time he got back, we had our bags all packed and were ready to make the final leg of our journey.   I think everyone was more than ready to just get to Indy. 

It was the first time in all those hours in the car, that we broke out the laptop and let the kids watch a movie.  We were busy doing other things (more on that to come) that kept the kids occupied. 

We arrived in Indianapolis around 6:30 and headed straight for Grandpa Billington’s.  They were just getting ready to go out to eat with friends (we know how to time these things!) and invited us to come along.  Mark’s littlest brother, Jeff, was there with his son so they came too.  It was a nice time reconnecting after a year’s time. 

After supper, we drove over to the T’s house where we’ll be staying most of the time this summer.  The kids were thrilled to see Uncle Rick and Aunt Kennetha, two very special people to our family.  Thanks a million, you guys, for letting us once again invade your quiet, peaceful lives.

And there it was…our much anticipated Road Trip (mystery and all) OVER!!  I really don’t know who had more fun…the ones kept in the dark and for whom the trip was planned or the Planner.  You can be sure I’ll be begging to do it again next year.  I’m willing to take suggestions from any reader who has ideas for places we should visit!! 

P.S. Check back soon for how we survived 18+ hours in the car!