Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 4

We left Erie by about 10:00 and were on our way to Destination #3 via a stop I was sure would be a hit. 

And when we neared Canton, Ohio, I was expecting the kids to yell out, “I know where we’re going!” because there are signs all over the place giving away my secret.  But they were surprisingly unaware with their heads buried in books, and they looked up just as we entered the driveway for the Pro-Football Hall of Fame.  Unfortunately, the excitement over where we were was a bit dampened by my untimely discovery that I’d lost my cell phone.  The last I remembered having it was back on Day 1 in the hotel!  So there was a frantic search of the car and a call to the Parkview Hotel all to no avail. 

We ate another picnic lunch under the trees outside the Hall of Fame, I said a good-bye to Mark and the kids, as I was not planning to go in with them.  This is a guy thing, after all.  I found my way to a couple stores to look around, came back to the Hall of Fame to read What the Dog Saw (which is great, by the way) in the shade while I waited for the guys to come out.DSC_1892I think they had a good time, but maybe I’ll ask one or two of them to add their thoughts about their experience a little later, just to be sure.

We got back in our HOT van (air-conditioning is out) and set out for our third and final hotel, which happened to be in downtown Cleveland in the Double Tree Hotel which looks out over Lake Erie.  Okay, I’ll brag a little about this good deal I snagged (for $50!).  It was pretty fancy…maybe a little too fancy for me, actually.  It had a very nice pool and hot tub, a gym like I’ve never seen before in a hotel, and take a look at the beds…DSC_1899DSC_1904                                                                              The view out our window!

We just spent the rest of the day in our hotel pretty much, swimming and watching TV.  We did venture outside to walk around a bit and find a place to eat supper.  This time it was Subway.  And there Jack let us know of the Plan B for his life should he not become a football star.  He wants to do what this guy is doing.  He has high aspirations, doesn’t he??DSC_1912Day 4 of the Billingtons’ Mystery Road Trip complete!