Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 3

While everyone was still sleeping, I caught the weather while on the hotel’s treadmill, and I was so disappointed thinking about what was on the agenda for the day.  The prediction for the high of the day was something like 68.  Not what one wants to hear when one is planning to head to the beach. 

We went anyway dressed in long sleeves and jackets.  Presque Isle State Park is free we discovered.  It’s also very beautiful.  DSC_1764We ended up at beach 11—a very peaceful spot on the bay.  We ate our third picnic lunch in three days, and I wondered during that what we’d spend the day doing as it was obvious swimming was not going to take long, if it happened at all.  But by the time lunch was over, the sun came out, we slowly peeled off the layers of clothing until everyone was down to the bathing suit layer, and the water actually looked inviting.DSC_1772And it was fantastic!  We had such a great time there.  We swam and skipped rocks and ate cherries and read books and drank the sun.  DSC_1789DSC_1799 And when finally we pulled ourselves away to drive around the other side of the peninsula and maybe find some bikes to rent, we spotted waves and heard those waves crashing.  We pulled the car over and ran to see.  And before we knew it, we were all back in the water enjoying a whole different kind of water experience.DSC_1810DSC_1830 DSC_1841 DSC_1819DSC_1853 By the time we left there, biking didn’t sound that appealing.  We were tired and we had somewhere else to go. 

I wanted for us to go see old Erie, visit a lighthouse, and go inside an old Catholic church to see the stations of the cross (recommended to me by a friend in Quebec), and just look around.  DSC_1873We decided the cost of the lighthouse visit wasn’t really worth it, plus taking the stairs was prohibited!  DSC_1882DSC_1878The church was closed by the time we got there so we only peeked in the windows. DSC_1886But we spotted hydrangeas blooming in front yard after front yard!  Lovely.  

DSC_1890 So we headed back to our hotel, stopping first for supper at Taco Bell (yes, we did!).  We also listened to these two for a bit after a little contribution to their “cause”. 

And Day 3 was complete!