Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 2

There was no rushing around in the morning.  Mark and I both worked out in the hotel “gym” (separately, of course).  Then we ate muffins and banana bread that I had brought with us and blueberries and apples that we had purchased at a grocery store the night before.  And I’m sure there was some TV-viewing. 

We headed out of town around 11:00 on our way to Buttermilk Falls.  First, though, we had to stop here. 225 I had found this place online while planning the trip, and knew we needed to make a stop.  On the way, I read this little piece that I found while looking for the actual address of the barn out loud to the kids and Mark so they would have a little heads-up.   The only thing we found not entirely accurate, was the part about the castle.  We imagined it to be much bigger and more interesting, but maybe that’s our fault and not the fault of the author.

These rules were posted on the door of the barn.  Not the most welcoming environment, that’s for sure!221

Once inside, though, it was quirky and haphazard, and it just perfect!  Vladimir Dragan (isn’t that a great name?) is the owner of   this place, and it appears that he is the only one who works there.  He was very friendly and helpful, and we enjoyed our visit very much.  198208197220 We left with a very reasonable (for us) little stack of books and some recommendations from Mr. Dragan about where we should eat and a few other places we should see on our trip west. 

We arrived about 30 minutes later to Buttermilk Falls.  We ate a picnic lunch in the shade, and then went off to swim.  Well, Joel and Jack jumped in the water.  The rest of us judged the water to be a little too cold, and only were courageous enough to dip our toes in.  248260253Then we hiked up to the top of the falls (maybe a 20-minute hike).  What a beautiful place we were in!291 335 315334Jack ran down ahead while the rest of us took our sweet time, enjoying one another and the sights around us.When we neared the bottom, we spotted him at the swimming hole, just waiting for us.  355                                                                                                 Where’s Waldo?350                                                                                                     There he is.

And then we were off.  Back in the car to find our second stop.  Which was…imageWe were tired and a tad grumpy when we pulled into the hotel that evening.  And I sure wasn’t bragging about our great Priceline steal this time.  It was a Microtel, and Mark says he gets the name now.  It was clean and there was a complimentary breakfast, but the place was, well, teensy.  There was pretty much just enough space in our room for one double bed.  Good think we brought the kids’ sleeping bags, because they found themselves on the floor!  For supper Mark and the boys went out and found some pizza, which they brought back to our room.  It was devoured in 15 minutes. 

We conked out that night too!