Thursday, June 17, 2010

This week’s wrap-up brought to you by the letter “P”

*warning:  this is long and, if you’re not my mother, boring


I went to the dentist on Thursday. I was there 3 hours early. My 1:30 appt. was written on the calendar, and still I got it in my head somehow that it was at 10:30. When the receptionist told me that my appt. was later on, I scuttled out of the office and went on home. Apparently, I had really lost my marbles that day, because my brainless-ness just continued. I won’t share all my errors, but the one that involves parsley must be explained. I decided to use up ½ a can of chic peas by making some hummus. My hummus usually has 3 or 4 cloves of garlic in it, and I always have to eat some to try it out, you know. After a couple big bites, I realized what I was doing, the terrible thing I was doing to my hygienist. And so after some internet research, I ran out to the garden to pick some parsley and eat it up. And just for good measure, I drank some strong (3 bags in one cup) of mint tea. I don’t know if it worked, but nobody fainted at 1:30 when I entered the dentist’s office for the second time that day.


Jack had his end-of-the-year “spectacle”.  It was so good!  What is it with kids singing that produces tears? I’ll be back later today with a little video clip.


Saturday was our annual neighborhood party. There seemed to be less people that in previous years, but the food and the company were just as good.


It was also the weekend for the Air Show. We can see the show from our house and from the bike path not far from our cul-de-sac. Neighbors came and went, watching the different parts of the show as they happened during the day.


That night we went over to friends’ house for supper. Mutual friends were there visiting from Louisiana. The kids played in the pool and later on it was Marco Polo in the basement and then a board game. The adults ate on the back porch and talked and watched the sun set in front of us (which has been happening around here at about 8:45). It was such a wonderful evening.

115095 103 112 120  184 185 123

These same friends invited another big bunch of friends (some we already knew, others we were happy to meet) over for Sunday afternoon. They have a very lovely garden. I could stay there for a very long time. We watched the planes and ate and talked. It was delightful!


Sunday evening I took pictures for a beautiful couple from our church that is getting married in July. Their story is magical. He had just arrived from Colombia a few months before, and was on a city bus on his way to the only church that he knew about. The church was far away. She was on a city bus reading her Bible and asking God to really use her for something special. She was also on her way to church. He saw that she was reading her Bible and decided to ask her, in his halting French, if she was a believer and if she knew of a good church that was close by. She answered him in Spanish (she teaches Spanish) saying that she was actually on her way to church and would he like to go with her. He agreed. And the rest is history.

ed and rach1 ed and rach3 We had so much fun with this shoot. Don’t they look like a fun and VERY loving couple??

Peter Pan

While I was taking pictures for E and R, the guys stayed home and ate left-over burritos and watched Hook. Happy times!


This word means “ to lose”. And it is what I did to our pet turtle we’ve had for over 6 years. I took her outside for some fresh air and sunshine. She was in our flower bed…and then she wasn’t. I was outside the whole time, too, but somehow she snuck past me and got away. I’m sure she had only been gone 5 minutes when I realized she was no longer there. We (a friend who popped over at just that moment to pick up something, Joel, and I) searched the whole yard several times. Then Mark came home when he found out and searched for a long time too. I have no idea how Rocky got away, but she did. And that was not an easy thing to tell Sam and Jack when they got home from school.


These next few days are going to be hectic. We are preparing for our annual quick trip to the States. As much as I don’t want to be rushing around at the last minute, I fear it will be the same story yet again. This year, it is me who is planning the route back to Indy. And I’m not telling anyone, until it is revealed little by little as we journey. I’ve really been having a fun time with this, but to tell you the truth, Mark is sweating a little, I think. He keeps trying to get bits of info out of me. I know it’s hard for him not to know the way, where we’ll be staying, how long it will take…but I think he should trust me. It’ll be a good sermon illustration someday, anyway.

And a couple more “p” words just for fun…


036 Take a look at this doozy! Next to a normal-sized apple, it’s enormous.  Big too!


And from our local grocery store…popcorn from Indiana.  I’ve never heard of Popcorn, Indiana, but the bag says it’s 35 km south-west of Bloomington.  Funny to read stuff about Indiana in French.  Makes our state seem kind of…refined.


Thanks for reading, Mom! Hugs!!