Friday, June 11, 2010

Did you know…

…That yesterday was National Iced Tea Day??

Who decides these types of things? Can anyone declare a National Something Or-Other Day?

…That the Flyers lost the Stanley Cup? And Sam is very happy about it?

…That Mark finished putting the lacquer on his guitar project? And now he has to let it dry for

30 days before he can sand it and buff it?

les paul wine red DSC_0017

                           before                                                          now

…That the proper term for allowing lacquer to dry on a guitar is “cure”.

…That school is over in two weeks? We have 3 happy kids and ONE very happy Mom.

…That I won a painting last week?

framed art

...That a Husky killed a baby in Québec this week??

…Lévis, the town across the river from Québec City, has THE best dipped-in-chocolate ice cream, and that if you came to visit us, we’d take you to Les Chocolats Favoris to get some?

…My brain sees Dr. Seuss characters sometimes when I go for early morning runs?1

…That I don’t go running with my camera?  I asked Mark and Jack go back there that night and snap me some evidence!