Monday, June 7, 2010

I won, I won!

I used to tell the kids when they wanted to enter a contest or a give-away, “We NEVER win!”  But that’s not true now.  We have won some stuff. 

One time when Sam was about 8, our family joined up with some friends and neighbors and did Qu├ębec’s Ghost 5 and 10k Run.  When it was over, a celebration time was held in  this place, the Quebec City armory.  We needed to go relieve our babysitter who was taking care of Baby Joel, but when Sam heard they had door prizes, he wanted to stay.  I told him, “We never win!”  And not a minute later, they called his bib number.  We got so excited, he and I, and we left Mark and Jack to go up and claim his prize.  At the booth where they called him, he was told to take a ticket over to another table.  There he was instructed to reach into a jar and draw a piece of paper which would tell which of all the lovely prizes he would win.  His piece of paper said….socks!  Yep, my eight-year old son had just won a pair of socks!  Whoop-de-doo!  It was almost worse than NOT winning. 

And then just recently, I attended an event for the volunteers at the YWCA.  At the end of the evening, they held a drawing.  Everyone there received a prize by the time it was all over.  There were beautiful blue wine glasses, gift-certificates to restaurants, make-up kits, tickets to a play, and so on.  I won a plastic bracelet that says, “Volunteer for Life” or something like that, and a key chain equally lovely. 

So yeah, we win sometimes, but with our luck, maybe it’s better if we don’t. 

On Thursday evening, we attended a Charity Event for Ten Thousand Villages.  Part of the entertainment planned for the night was a Chinese Auction.  Mark and I had decided before-hand how much money we wanted to donate to the store, and then we just participated in the auction knowing that every dollar given would be a boost to the store and to the fair trade cause, and if we won anything, it would just be a fun bonus.  At one point when Mark put up some money, “bingo” was called, and he won.  He went up to the front and chose his prize from among the prizes in that amount category.  I didn’t see what he picked.   We had left the kids at home, so when 10:00 rolled along and the auction still was not finished, Mark found me at the back (taking pictures) and told me he would go on home and that I could get a ride home with friends.  And then he said, ‘Jill, we won our socks!”  His prize was a couple ride-sharing passes!  And we laughed.  That’s par for the course.

After he left, there were three big prizes left to bid on.  But time was slipping by, and people were starting to trickle out. They decided to run the rest of the auction a little differently to try to wrap it up a little faster.  Earlier in the evening, while we were just setting up and preparing the night, a friend came up and asked to borrow a 20 as her husband had the money in his pocket.  He was up on stage practicing with the band, and she didn’t want to disturb him to get it.  I really didn’t want to remind the couple that they owed me money, and I normally would never have even asked for it back, but I wanted to bid on this big prize that was up for bids.  So I crept over to Christian and asked for my $20.  When I had it in my grubby little hand, I held it up in the air, and wouldn’t you know it??  I won!  I won this beautiful painting done by a local artist for $20! 

I just love it!  It was great fun, too, walking in the door later that night, and declaring my win to Mark (who thought we had only won socks!).framed art