Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weird, but true.

house 2 A few months ago, my neighbor across the street who has a daycare in her home, told me that one of her clients is an American woman.  She gave me her phone number, because I had really hoped to contact her.  Time went by, life happened, and I never did call her.  And then one day, I was over at my neighbor’s, watching her kids for her because she had an appointment, when the American came to drop off her son.  We talked non-stop for 15 minutes, and since then we’ve become friends and have done several activities together already.  Here’s the weird-but-true part:  we are both middle children, sandwiched by a boy on either side; although she lives about 10 minutes from me, her house number is the same as ours; and last but not least…her name is JILL!  Doesn’t that beat all!?

And here’s another tidbit for ya. Our next-door neighbors informed us the other day, that when you look up our address on Google maps, and look at the street view of our home, that little Joel is sitting on the porch.  How do you like that?google