Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

While the US celebrated Memorial Day, it was just a regular day for us.  And uneventful even, I’d say.

I took Joel over to friends’ to spend the morning.  Then I came home and did laundry.  It was a clear, sunny day and I was able to hang one load outside.  And then, I walked past our upstairs window and saw that the lilac bush (which is really a tree) is starting to bloom.  So in the middle of some job that I can’t remember right now, I ran outside and cut some to bring inside.  I think I’ve mentioned before (here and here), how much happiness this little act brings me.

lilacs1 Then in between loads of laundry, I worked on our storage/craft room that just can’t stay clean!!  And I might have picked at my split ends a little bit and told myself to make a hair appointment. 

Then Jack came home from school and we ate lunch.  I walked him back to school (because he asked me to) and decided on the way there to go talk to the 5th grade teacher who took his brother’s beloved Colts’ football from him one day at recess because his friends were playing with it in line.  She had blown him off two other times when he’d asked, so I thought I’d go try to help.  She didn’t know where it was, and didn’t care, either.  And I was mad about it (her attitude, not about the loss of a ball) and fumed all the way home.

Joel came home then, and he pitched a little fit just a few minutes after he’d been home because I told him no about something.  So even though it wasn’t yet time for his rest, I told him to go take it.  And then I kept working on the messy storage/craft room.  And I might have picked some more split ends.birdwatching1birdwatching2birdwatching

When Jack got home from school, he and Joel had leftover from Saturday blueberry pancakes for a snack, and then they went to play outside.  Jack made this little fort from which he can bird watch. And Joel played hockey.joelhockey1 hammockhammock2

Jack read in the hammock and I made spaghetti sauce for supper.  When I ran out to the herb garden to grab some basil and parsley, I got distracted by the lilacs and had to admire them and take some pictures.         lilac watermark1 And then I did some more laundry and stirred my sauce and said hey to Mark when he came home.  And then I watched Joel take an interest in Mark’s guitar project, and I picked at some more split ends.  joelguitar1

After supper, Mark went to a meeting, and the boys and I cleaned out the shed and reorganized it a little bit.  I worked out in the yard while the boys played some game they had just invented, which seemed to involve a lot of things from the newly rearranged shed! When I finally dragged them in (why do they always have more fun and play better together when it’s time to come in?), I read to the boys while they folded a couple loads of laundry.  There were showers and the remaking of three beds with clean sheets, hugs and kisses and tucking in of two boys.  And a check of the score for the big hockey game (because 3 little people really care about that kind of thing) and a look at Sam’s Science test.  I didn’t know the answers to the ones he got wrong so it’s a good thing I don’t teach 7th grade science. 

And then I made this little signature for fun.


Then I edited some pictures, talked and prayed with Mark when he got home, and then I went to bed with my current book and read for about 7.5 minutes, before my eyes started crossing.  I turned out the light and said to myself, “I love my bed!”

And that is all!