Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sam’s in Toronto


Sam’s been waiting for this time for a very long time.  It’s his class trip to Toronto!! 

I’m confident that he’s having a fantastic time gallivanting all over Toronto with his classmates.  Meanwhile back at the ranch, there are certain members of the family who are having difficulties with his absence.

Before breakfast yesterday, Jack was emptying the dishwasher.  We had been talking about the Canadiens vs. Flyers game from the night before.  I told him who won, although I think he had already guessed the outcome based on the score he had last heard on the radio before turning out the lights.  And then I looked up to see him staring out into space.  I said, “What are you thinking about, Jack.”  He told me he was thinking about the Colts’ losing the Super bowl.  “Why are you thinking about that?” I asked.  He said, “I’m thinking about sad things.  Like Sam being gone.”  He’d only been gone about 1.5 hours at that point.

And then at supper last night, Mark said, “Oh, there are only four of us here tonight.”  And Joel said, “I know!”  And I melted when I saw that he had little tears brimming in his eyes. 

So we are all looking forward to Friday night when he gets back!