Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long weekend wrap-up

We just had a very long (no school on Friday or Monday), very special weekend.  And there are things about it that I want to remember.038I want to remember how my friend, J, offered to help me choose flowers for our yard, laid them out where they should be planted, and helped me prepare a flower bed for planting.050I want to remember what it felt like to touch the cold soil and to dig holes to put my new flowers in.  I got a lot of help from Joel who delighted in the process and who almost never left my side.001 I want to remember what it felt like to stand back after everything was planted and to admire the variety and beauty of God’s handiwork.013I want to remember how hard Mark worked to paint our stairway walls.  It was no easy task, and I’m thankful for his ability and willingness.  And it looks so NICE!            071 I want to remember how we spent Friday night with friends around their fire telling stories and watching the flames.065And how the boys went inside to read books together when it was too dark to jump on their trampoline anymore.064085I want to remember how hard we worked on Saturday morning, moving the herb garden so that it will be saved from any more flying basketballs. 090There’s its new home on the side of the house.  I admit that I will miss seeing those gorgeous herbs out my kitchen windows, but I love watching the boys play more, so it’s okay.101 109I want to remember how hot it was on Sunday morning and that I took my class outside to study in the park behind our community center.  And how it might not have been such a good idea because there were too many distractions (ANTS!).118I want to remember how we had a spontaneous picnic with friends from church after the service in the most gorgeous park (Bois-de-Coulonge).  And the great conversation we had about ways for us to BE the church (as opposed to going to church) there in the shade of the trees.  It was great to dream together.116And there were two sweet babes there.  So I got my fix!130And the kids ran around like kids are supposed to do and got all tired out and hot and sweaty and dirty.  Just the way I like it.  And they made Joel into a chia pet136And I want to remember how we played together Sunday afternoon when we got home.  A new board game that friends gave us.  So fun and lots of laughter.

And how that night the boys and I laughed and talked for a good 45 minutes before our reading time.  Not worrying about getting to bed on time gives a whole new dynamic to the evening hours and provides me a foretaste of summer nights (the kids have school for another 5 weeks!)025I want to remember my Monday morning (Patriot’s Day) 6:00 run, sharing the road with only ONE other early-morning exerciser.  And I want to remember how I left the house after that while everyone was still sleeping to meet a couple girls for prayer.  It was real and powerful and good.

And then we met dear friends at another lovely place to have a picnic and to swim.  The swimming area was closed, but there was too much goodness to be enjoyed without it, that the disappointment was small.   028 036018 And I want to remember how hot it was, and how we enjoyed every degree of warmth.  When we came home from our picnic, the boys read together again, this time outside.


And I want to remember how excited Sam was to be going away on a class trip to Toronto.  He could barely contain himself over the weekend. It was like how he is at Christmas.

And I want to remember how we had our evening reading time together outside on a blanket in the front yard as the sun went down (at 8:00), the kids in their pj’s wallowin’ all over me.  And we finished our book The Wind in the Door and agreed unanimously that the book was tedious and hard to listen to and not half as interesting as A Wrinkle in Time. 

And I want to remember how we all went to sleep with fans blowing across us.  And how we only needed a sheet as our cover. 

Aaah! So good!