Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some rhyme but no reason

My brain is filled with stories and stuff

My albums are crammed with pics

So here we go with a purge of some sort

Watch out ‘cause I’m full as a tic!146Sam had a basketball tournament this weekend. 2 games on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. I love this picture. Unfortunately, it’s not my boy’s team. His team’s half-time huddle wasn’t very picturesque. See? 153

They took 2nd place in the tournament.


I LOVE Jakob Dylan!! What great music I have discovered! There’s not one song on his Women and Country album that I don’t like. Smile when you call me that has a couple lines that make me smile:

Not much is certain but this much is true
My arms are useless if they don't have you
They hang around me with nothing to do
I'm hoping you and yours are lonesome too

Those are fun lyrics, right? Check him out if you haven’t already.

My indoor winter treadmill training did not do much to prepare me for road running, I’m afraid. The wind blows my hat clean off my head, there are those pesky things called hills (ouf), and where do I put my water bottle? The other day, there was this delicious smell of fresh bread baking that called out to me when I ran past Subway. No, I did not have to combat such things in the gym.


Joel takes an hour rest most afternoons. I don’t know the last time that he actually slept, so when I peeked in on him last week and found him asleep, I was a bit shocked. When he woke up, I asked if he was feeling better. He said, “Yep! That was just what I needed!”DSC_8756249One after-school activity recently was to search for bugs. There were holes dug in our yard and dirt under fingernails, but who cares?? They had a ball!005This book was my brothers and mine when we were kids. It’s so great! Here’s to hoping my brothers (or their wives) won’t read this and want a turn with the book! 013Mark still makes us pancakes every Saturday morning. Joel LOVES to help him. It’s pretty sweet to watch them together.


The following things make me happy.018

049069Serving a healthy breakfast to my kiddos on school mornings, watching Joel play outside, and clean laundry blowing in the wind.

I get teased mercilessly by Mark for this third one, but when I look out my kitchen window, I’m too happy to care.

038 And speaking of Mark, he’s working on a little project. I’ll share the project in more detail after it’s finished.041Found this picture on my cell phone the other day. It makes me laugh, and it got us some funny looks, but no bread was smashed or eggs cracked, and the boy was happy and relatively quiet, so I didn’t much mind the looks.054The boys have been playing a lot of mini-hockey as of late. Last Saturday they must have played for nearly 3 hours. Joel gets sent to the penalty box more frequently than the others. Listening to them is a hoot. Jack called a “laziness penalty” on him at one point!! 059And here’s what happens when Mom and Dad have friends over for dinner and they stay until 11:30 and the kids are neglected in the basement. 075-1 I just like this one, that’s all!109-1 My birthday supper a couple weeks ago—Shabu Shabu. DELICIOUS!!DSC_8174And this was my dessert of choice. Recipe for healthy and very tasty Cheese Blintzes to come soon!!


The boys and I were in my Sunday School room before church. We were chatting away as I prepared my class. Jack told us that he was not going to be taking his camera to the US when we go this summer. Surprised, I said, “Why, Jack?” He says, “I don’t want to lose it. The United States is a big country!”


It’s Tulip Time in Quebec City. They are stunning!114

127-1 128-1 130-1 131-1 134-1

A newly invented game called Hit Me Down causes Sam to laugh hysterically. What’s wrong with this kid??


Joel loves to ride his Big Wheel to pick up Jack from school. Those big plastic wheels make a whole lot of noise on the dirty sidewalks and people can hear us coming a mile away, but he’s in heaven, and anyway, it’s probably the noise that he likes the best!

DSC_8587 DSC_8637 DSC_8644 DSC_8664

These two are, in the space of 5 minutes, the best of friends and the worst of enemies. Sam is either the source of great frustration for Joel (as seen in picture 1) or he is the source of much delight, but it can change oh so rapidly!

DSC_8727More flowers that are not mine. So glad my neighbors are fantastic gardeners!


Jack’s English is very French: In French the word for wind (vent) is a noun, but venter is the verb. If it is very windy, you can say, “Il vente beaucoup.” Poor Jack gets things mixed up at times. For example, he said the other day that it was winding a lot that afternoon.


So the boys are arguing at lunch. Back and forth, back and forth. And then it suddenly ends in laughter when Joel says to Jack: “Whatever you say, Kid.”


Oh yeah, one more thing!! GO HABS GO!!!!


That’s it, folks! Happy Monday!