Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Here are some other pictures from Sunday that I love.69Making the kids squint into the sun never makes for a happy picture.  We might have to go back sometime right before sunset.98 Joel was having a deep conversation here with our friend Richard100 He was not looking at me here.  He just was happy over something Richard said, smiled, and happened to look in my direction for a split second. 14  3348 46We corded wood for most of the morning.  The farmer that we were helping, sells all this wood for a living. He told us that what we accomplished would have taken him a week. When I saw the huge pile of wood, I was thinking that a week sounded FAST for one person!!  We made “chains” and passed the wood down the line to the person cording it.  It was such a great time working together. 

It’s amazing how good lunch tastes when one has worked so hard!87 And this was my birthday cake.  It tasted just a delicious as it looks!

We all have renewed appreciation for manual laborers, and the plain old hard work did us a world of good.