Monday, April 26, 2010

We had a really lovely weekend!

spring Friday evening we had supper with dear friends from our church (Sam also invited a school friend over).  We had tacos and stayed at the table chatting away until 1 in the morning.  This couple is a true blessing to us, and we are always challenged in our thinking and our way of living after spending time with them.

Saturday, while Mark made pancakes and had breakfast with the boys, I went for a run.  When I got back, Mark took the boys to the Maison Revivre (soup kitchen) to serve lunch.  That meant I had a couple hours to myself and no lunch to prepare.  A treat for sure!  Then a family in our neighbourhood came for a fajita supper (Yay for Mexican food two nights in a row!).  They moved here in September from Manitoba.  What a beautiful evening we spent getting to know these lovely people.

Sunday was church as usual.  The love that people have for one another at our church really touches me.  I’m inspired by it week after week.

We came home for lunch and then got ready to receive a group of students who are visiting Quebec at the tail-end of their 9-month internship at Fort Wilderness.  Their “tour guide” is a friend of ours and she called last week to see if we would be willing to meet with them.  We were so encouraged by these young people and the discipleship program that they are going through.  It was a great exchange of questions and ideas as we wrestle with some of the same doubts and wonder how it is that we can have a living faith. 

All that plus the fact that it was a completely gorgeous day.  The sun is warm and that new spring green is starting to appear everywhere. 2  43

I just felt so filled with joy when I went to bed last night.  It was almost too much, if you know what I mean.

Did you have a good weekend?