Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kind of like a spy

You know how much I love my telephoto lens?  A lot!  People get weird when there is a camera around, but if I can distance myself a little and shoot incognito, then I can get some nice natural shots.  Last week at church, I was sitting in the back with our boys, the reason for which I plan on sharing soon.  I’ve been bringing my camera with me almost every week in case something special happens that I want to document.  And from the back, I got some treasures, I think.  And I almost got away with it too, but I looked up during prayer at one point and felt a great need to click.  And it was the wrong move as the clicking noise of the shutter seemed to echo in that silent moment.  A couple heads turned to see who did that, but I think they already knew.  Had to be that girl who’s always invading our privacy with that camera. Anyway, look at these sweethearts!030036-1018-1