Friday, April 23, 2010

(Almost) Nothing But Love

Nothing warms my heart as a mother more than when my kids are enjoying one another.  When I see real love between them, I'm so joyful. 

Times when Jack is an emotional wreck during Sam's basketball games, especially when his team is losing.  Times when Sam genuinely laughs with Joel over a memory.  Times when Jack defends Joel when I've been upset at something he's done.
My favorite moments now-a-days are when one of the older boys leaves the house for school.  Joel gives big bear hugs and yells "love messages" out the door at them as they are leaving.

Yesterday Joel yelled after Jack who was already on his way down to the bus stop, "I love you forever and ever!"  Jack yelled back, "I love YOU forever and ever even if you try to kill me!"

Hmmm, well with boys, it seems there always needs to be a little violence thrown into the love-mix.