Friday, April 16, 2010

What are you suggesting?

I've found a new radio show.  It's Radiolab.  And when I find myself up late, in the kitchen, cleaning up supper remnants or making muffins for church the next morning, I tune in.  The stories are so inspiring and interesting that I actually enjoy the work...and the quiet and the lack of interruptions.  One night I found myself listening to a whole show about parasites.  I was completely grossed out (and probably had "that face", Dad) and it was unfortunate that I was dealing with food in those moments, but I was just as equally fascinated and in complete awe of the Creator.
                                         wikipedia commons

I needed to share it with the family, and made an error by choosing dinner time to play it.  The fact that we were eating spaghetti that night did not help matters.

I really hope you will listen to Radiolab (esp. to THIS episode).   

It's best to pre-listen before playing them for your kids, I think, because there are sometimes a questionable conversation or a bit that might force you to explain things you might not be ready to.  What I like, though, is that before certain parts like I just described, a little warning is given like "should we urge some of our listeners to turn away at this point because what is about to happen is not acceptable in family hour?  ha, well, actually blood flukes are fairly monogamous and loyal so you know, if you're looking for animals who reinforce family values, blood flukes are pretty good."

Oh, here, I'll just make it easy:

here's the bit called In Defense of Cheats.  It's so cleverly done too!  You're gonna LOVE it!  Just don't be eating cherries or noodles while listening!

There's also a fantastic episode called The Bus Stop.  Genius!

Okay, I'm off to clean and bake bread.  No listening to Radiolab though, because my chatterbox and radio programs don't mix too well.