Thursday, April 15, 2010


the BB's and Sam's friend, Guillaume

When I was a kid, my dad sometimes called us honyockers*.  I had no idea what it meant, and for all I knew it was just a word he had made up.  If I remember correctly, it was used as a term of endearment, after one of us had done something he felt was silly or perhaps funny.  To illustrate, let me use examples from my own kids.  They have had their own honyocker moments this week. 

Honyocker example #1:: Joel informed me that this old guitar case would be a comfy place to sleep and asked me if he could spend the night in it.  I said okay.  It hasn't happened yet.  He was just trying to convince me here.
Honyocker example #2:: Conversation between Sam and me a couple nights ago:

Sam:  I'm going to be really tired.
Me:  Why?
Sam:  I just took my allergy medicine.  Dad said it's going to make me really tired.
Me:  OK (notice the compassion here) Can you fold these clothes while we read?
Sam:  I'm really tired.
Honyocker example #3:: I said, "Hey, be a peach and fold these clothes (can you tell that this was my job as a kid, and I really hated it, and now I've found a way to spread the love around?)"  And Jack says from his spot over on the couch, "I want a peach!"

*I actually looked it up yesterday.This is what I found: 

Honyocker (noun) Old north West cowboy slang for a failed homestead farmer. Almost as bad as calling a cowboy a sheep herder. Cattle people never liked homesteaders and all their barbed wire fences. 
One who lacks respectability or social graces.

Maybe I got the message wrong from my dad.  Maybe he wasn't being sweet.  Maybe he was insulting us.