Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So I'm folding clothes in our bedroom. 
Joel is playing basketball with a little over-the-door hoop in the same room. 
And he says, "Could you stop talking to me so I can relax and play basketball?"

Oh, fine! 

A whole new ballgame

Spring came early to Quebec this year.  And that means 3 extra weeks of playing OUTSIDE!!!  And boy, are they playing outside.  I don't even have to ask them.  If they aren't doing homework or chores or music practice, it's out to the court (our dinky cement patio). 

The kitchen window looks right out to the backyard where they've been playing, and I love to hear that ball pounding the cement and the laughing and the grunts.  They are lovely sounds.
Sometimes, though, you just need a rest!  Or maybe he's just figuring out the game?
Everyone is dirty and tired when the day is done.  And that's good.  I surely don't mind doing the extra laundry.

I love spring for so many reasons.  And kids playing outside for extended periods of time is ONE of them.

Easter Sunday was...

...a lovely, encouraging celebration service at church
...dinner with ten friends
...a silly balloon game outside!! (look at the lack of snow, would ya?)

...another game inside that made for a lot of much-needed laughter.
...a trip to the park so the boys could play basketball on a real court.
...raw veggies and chocolate chip cookies for supper.
...the Waltons

And for some dumb reason, I wasn't clicking away with my camera like I usually do, so I'm lacking for photo material.  2 out of 3 of theses pics, I didn't even take.  Which means there are some photos of me playing the silly balloon game too.  But I think those are better left unpublished!

Oh, and all day I was battling some kind of weird stomach thing.  But there was too much celebrating and good times.  I didn't want to miss a thing.  I'm mostly all better now, Mom.

Somebody call Child Protection Services

The boys didn't have school on Friday.  And so we did what all kids love to do on their days off--we worked.  
They washed windows, wiped down the "leather" furniture (oh how I love the cleanability of these couches), they swiffered and dusted, picked up trash that the snowplows threw up in our yard all winter, they put the sleds away and tidied up the backyard,and they wrote letters. 
They were super happy to help out too!  Well, you know, they didn't complain.  Okay, they did.  But just a little.