Monday, March 29, 2010

Hey friends!

I'm returning to Le Blab after a 40-day absence.  I thought my first post would be a quick re-cap of our lives since Feb. 17th, but I don't think there's going to be anything "quick" about it.  Organizing almost 6 weeks into one entry is proving to be a little bit more work than I had thought.  So today, I'll just say three things about this day:

1.   There was a big to-do this morning over breakfast.  Was there a birthday in the house?  No.  It was the first time in 40 days that anyone in our family had had anything to drink besides water.  (Remember this?*)  So last night, in anticipation of pleasing our taste buds with something other than water in the morning, we stopped at the store on our way home from a great evening with friends (more on that later) to buy orange and grape juice.  And the kids' reaction to that first taste did not disappoint. :)  It was a great family challenge, we are excited about the money we saved that we will be sending to a water project in Uganda, and we really had fun doing it together, but that smell of brewing coffee and the sweet flavor of fruit slipping down our throats was amazing.

2.  As fun as that was, there was an equal amount of disappointment on the boys' faces when they woke up to see 3 inches of fresh snow on the ground!  Somehow I don't think anyone else expected it either because when I headed to the gym at 6:00, I drove a lot of the way in the tracks of one other vehicle who had gone before me (and it wasn't the snow plow)!

3.  I'm glad to be back!  Happy Monday to you!

*the challenge allowed for the 6 Sundays off, making April 3rd the ending day, but we all felt that was cheating and decided to do the 40 days all in a row.