Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm happy today

...for sunshine 
which gave Joel and me the chance to chase each others' shadows on the way home from walking Jack back to school after lunch

...and blue skies
which is the perfect color to compliment the white, white snow
...for exchanging services with neighbors
for several months now, my neighbor, Claudia, takes Joel for a half day in her home day-care and Tuesday nights she and her four kids get a healthy, hot supper from me.
we each think we are getting the better deal, so I guess it's a fair arrangement.
...for after-supper playtime
Mark and boys played golf tonight.  
and there was laughter, some good shots, and even some bets where money was involved.
...for audible.com and this book by Donald Miller and for Mark who had me listen to a passage of the book.  
That's all it took.  I needed him to put it on my mp3.
I'm listening to it...at the gym and in the car and whenever else I can sneak it in.  
I've laughed out loud and cried a couple times.  It's inspiring and motivating and delicious. 

Want to do this with us?