Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A little story

Once upon a time there was a girl (some might say she was a woman seeing that she was 40, but no, she really was just a girl). This girl had one of those weeks where she might have been too focused on herself. She seemed to be put in situation after situation where she felt she was out of her league and self-confidence waned greatly. She knew from where her confidence should have come, but she being feeble, imperfect and already miserable didn't allow herself to be corrected by the Truth.

On Monday this girl mustered up enough courage to pull herself together and go meet a new friend for lunch at her home. She had met this lovely person over the Christmas holidays at a mutual friend's party and had instantly liked her. So, the prospect of lunch in the company of this new acquaintance seemed agreeable to the girl and perhaps a way to crawl out of the "hole" of self-pity she had recently dug for herself.

Upon arriving at the new friend's house (on time and without getting lost which is worth noting, I believe) she was struck immediately with the beauty of the house. An immense place with more and bigger windows than she had ever seen (overlooking woods and an in-ground pool). It looked like something from a decorating magazine with furnishings equally pleasing to the eye. And then, even though the girl knew she shouldn't think this she began to wonder what it would be like to reciprocate one day and invite the new friend to her humble home. And at one point early on in the afternoon she wandered into the living room and noted a beautiful and artsy photograph of a woman matted and framed and hanging on a prominent place on the wall. She exclaimed that the photography was awe-inspiring and that the subject of the photo was equally astounding, and then she asked if the photo was her new friend. Oh yes, it was! And her husband had taken the photo. In fact, that is how they met, back in Paris...when he had been a fashion photographer and she had been a model!

And from her dark place deep in the "hole", the girl thought to herself how Truth has a humorous way of exaggerating to teach a lesson. And she is working on climbing out of the "hole" and trying to (re)learn the lesson.

The end.

Thank you Uncle Rick and Aunt Kennetha


Oh, do you know how happy you have made 5 people?
Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!
All our love,
Mark, Jill, Sam, Jack, and Joel

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