Monday, January 18, 2010

A Kick in the Pants

 {my breakfast blueberries today}

I decided to face reality a bit ago and jumped on the scales.  Oooops!  You'd think that the snug fit of the jeans would be enough, but for me, there's nothing like seeing THE number to shock some sense back into me.

So I've been writing down what I eat, reading a couple fitness blogs and magazines for inspiration, and hitting it harder at the gym.  In fact, so hard it seems, that I've lost my mind.

Saturday evening when I walked into my gym, I took a quick look at my MP3 and chose Suzanne Vega to accompany me.  45 minutes grueling minutes later when I was finished and was gathering my stuff in the locker room, I remember that If I Were a Weapon was playing.  I remember because the song lead me off into a chain of know how that happens.  Anyway, I left, jumped into the car and was still listening to my MP3 when I pulled into the grocery store parking lot.  When I was getting ready to pull my headphones off I heard If I Were a Weapon again and asked myself why I was hearing the same song I had just heard a few minutes back.  What's wrong with this thing?  And then I looked down to see that I only had TWO Suzanne Vega songs on there.  I really thought the whole album was there, but when I realized that I had spent the last 50 minutes or so listening to TWO songs over and over and over...well, I almost didn't believe it.  I guess I must have been a little too focused on my burning quads??

So today, there's that little story and some other extra tidbits in case YOU need a kick in the pants too.

:: This article called The Real Reason You Can't Lose Weight by Mike Roussell is pretty great!

:: Did you know that according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, people who participate in consistent aerobic exercise for six months can reverse age-related brain decline?

::  One reason to consider weight training: each pound of muscle you gain can burn up to 50 calories a day.

::  The Department of Health and Human Services released its first ever guideline for physical activity for Americans.  One of the suggestions listed in the report is getting 2.5 hours per week of physical exercise.  Kids should be getting at least one hour of physical activity per day!!

::  One of my favorite fitness sites is Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training.  One time, I mentioned TT in a blog post, and Mr. Ballantyne left me a comment!!

::  And I just found The Fitbottomed Girls which looks like an honest and clever online community for fit gals.