Thursday, January 14, 2010

What does it mean....

when your BIG plastic box of unsorted photos falls off the top shelf in your closet and shatters on the floor? Is it a sign? A sign that I should go through the photos and actually put them in albums? Maybe. I surely haven't done that yet, but I did take some time to look through them (with Joel) as we put them in their new home (another big plastic box).

Here's my dad as a little farm boy in Nebraska with a big catch! Wonder if he did that all alone!
And here he is a little older.
My beautiful parents' wedding picture!
This one almost makes me tear up. It's my Grandpa Ernst, my brother, Rich and me as a baby. I'm getting some serious attention, huh? I noticed the jar of peanut butter in the shot. Were they feeding that to me? And do I have them to blame for my excessive love for peanut butter??
I must be about two years old here. Right before we headed to Papua New Guinea for the very first time!
My mom loved making us matching outfits. This is NOT the worst picture I have of this phenomenon. I'll just say that the worst one (which is not in my possession) includes stripes and 5 identically dressed members of the family!

Oh, there's more matching going on here!
One furlough, my dad tried to make a mumu for the Ernst side of the family. Instead of covering the food with banana leaves as they do in PNG, they used what they had in the Nebraskan fields. Corn leaves. It didn't work very well, and we had to rinse the dirt off the food before eating it.
Doesn't look like I minded too much!
Check out my pants!And only one picture I'm willing to show you from high school. Those years are better left unpublicized. This is circa 1986...the hair and the jewelry give that away.
Skipping is Mark and me in PNG a couple years after our wedding. Yes, I'm wearing overalls. I know, I should have left those to the Nebraskan farmers!
Sam was a mere 3 years old when he was in our friends, Gretchen and Matt's wedding. This one is VERY hard for me to look at. I'm feeling lumps in my throat as I type.
Christmas 2001 in Indy with my brothers' families just a few months after our move to Quebec.
The toothless grin on Sam is precious, huh?
My parents and all their grandkids at the time. That look on Jack's face is almost too much for me to bear.

Looking through these photos has stirred up a lot of emotion. I don't know if I like the feeling. Maybe that's why these pictures are all stored away up high in a big plastic box on the top shelf of my closet.

When boys giggle

The times when our house sounds the happiest is when Mark wrestles with the kids.
If they would put their energy into "fighting" they might actually do some damage to the house and to each other, but I don't think I need to ever worry about that.

And I must say, it's very contagious, that kind of laughter!