Friday, January 8, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Friday Morn

1. I had a lot of dreams about water the other night. A man drowned in one and I watched as they brought him back with CPR. In another, I jumped from a bus into 3 feet of water that I had to swim through to get to where I was going. And I also was on a surf board with my best childhood friend being tossed and swung by torrential waves.

2. And speaking of dreams...last night I dreamed that John Piper stopped teaching a conference to go and get me "the best chapstick ever" from his office so I could apply it to my baby's lips. He made sure that I knew he wanted it back too. (The re-telling of this brought gales of laughter at breakfast.)

3. I changed up my workout a little on Tuesday, and now I'm having difficulty raising my arms. It's going to be challenging to clean house today.

4. Last night Jack, Joel, and I got hopelessly lost (thanks, Lola) looking for Sam's basketball game at Petit Seminaire de Québec in Vieux Québec. We spent 20 minutes driving around little one-way streets being directed into tiny alley parking lots and driving around in circles. Finally, I thought I knew that we were close, so I paid a meter and we walked and asked and tried 15 different (beautiful) doors to no avail. As I was saying to the kids that we'd just go on home, (much to the dismay of Jack who said several times, "We need to support Sam!") we happened on a door that opened. Inside was a security guard for another school who kind of, sort of directed us to where we needed to go. We walked some more with a tired, complaining Joel about 10 feet behind us lugging his backpack and found the place (must go back in the daylight and take pictures of the lovely place) with just 15 minutes left in the game. Unfortunately, after we'd been there a mere 7 minutes, I had to run back to the car and move it so as not to get a fine (I had only put 51 minutes on the meter). Sorry, Sam!! Next time Dad will not have a meeting, and he will get us there on time, and you will be represented in the stands.

5. Should I be sad when people see my pictures and say, "You have a great camera"? It happens sometimes. And it happened last night. And I probably should get over it!!