Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Cross-Section of Christmas 2009

Kids listening to a tape from Grandpa and Grandma Ernst that they received a couple days before Christmas. And we talked with them via Skype too, for the first time.
An all-day snow + no wind=beauty hard to capture on film
Christmas Eve service at a Presbyterian Church in Vieux Quebec
It was very formal and LONG, but fun to worship in English, for a change.
Christmas morning--always fun to watch the kids excited about giving their homemade gifts to each other.

Jack made this secret hiding place for Sam's treasures by gluing and gluing and gluing pages together in a book. Then I cut out the hole with an exacto knife. Big HIT!!
Jack sported a black eye during the holidays. It was a casualty of an indoor basketball game and the corner of a nightstand.
There was time for reading a new book.
And for finishing our 1000-piece puzzle
Admiring our work.
Around 5, we headed out to our friends' apartment to celebrate the day together.
First Christmas in a long time that we didn't have a traditional Christmas meal, but not cooking one and eating Lanxui's delicious Chinese food was certainly not a disappointment.

There were games, tons of good food, chatting, laughter, a concert, and more food! OOumph!

On the 26th we took off for a 4-day vacation to Burlington, Vermont. We played at the pool, read, visited delicious bookstores, ate, watched movies, met up with some dear friends from Indianapolis also in the area for Christmas.
Joel took a little break from swimming to look at his new "Body Book" that we picked up at a used bookstore. He's fascinated, I tell you.

And even though that Colts' game was a huge disappointment, the boys were not too ashamed to sport their new tuques.
Coming home is sometimes hard to do, but it was made easier by the sights of the beautiful, frozen, snowy countryside. This I shot at our long wait at the border